Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Photography ADVENTURE to Columbus' Graffiti MECCA!!!

These are a few of the images taken at an abandoned Water Treatment Plant in Columbus, OH. This place is amazing! If you like to take photographs of graffiti or anything rusty - this is an absolute MECCA!! And check out my friend Aaron's blog (he just started it... pretty dang lonely over there - pop over and say hi!) I love feedback, so please comment. Thanks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer School

This 'Monster Bus' is one of a collection of images I took for my Digital Photography class. 

For the past few years I've driven past this HUGE compound where the entire Columbus City School District houses their school bus fleet. It's quite visually impressive from the elevated view while driving south on Route 71. Looking down at over 500 Twinkie-shaped buses all perfectly lined up and parked in rows reminds me of an almost surreal Pop Art composition.

Anyway... Yesterday, after my Math class (ew), I drove onto this vast complex to ask for permission to take some pictures. I parked & walked past all the school bus drivers going to and coming back from their various routes (surprised to see so much school bus activity in July! - guess I'm not the only one in Summer School.). After talking to about 87 people and actually driving to another nearby Columbus City School District Office, I got permission! I spent about an hour & a half (in the SWELTERING 94 degree heat) snapping every conceivable angle of these beautiful buses. I even climbed inside some of the 'retired' buses (I least I hope they're retired). This shoot was a lot of fun!

"Intuition Meets Technical Savvy"

I say this in all humility, but I feel my creative instinct is strong. It's undeniable... something (I believe) that is God given at birth. Some people have it (but most don't). Now I'm not saying that this is the greatest gift of all, but it's one that I have been given. Now, part of my current life mission (subtle mention of my blog concept) is to decide what to do with that instinct at this point in my life. I'm very excited about broadening my creativity through challenging myself to constantly learn more. In other words: Increasing technical prowess + creative intuition = richer content. This Digital Photography is a class that is challenging me to do just that.