Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rediscovering Self... (I really SHOULD be studying!)

I should be studying (I have a phych exam on Tuesday) but can't seem to separate myself from the internet!!! Since I met with Paul Robinett the other day (shot and uploaded 3 'live' videos to YouTube from the Starbucks in Canal Winchester), I've been trying to commit myself to my own words... To follow my passion with vengeance! He asked me the question "If you were a trust fund baby, what would you spend your time doing" My answer: Art. Simply creating! That's where I get lost... and ultimately find myself. I've often been at odds with my creative side, because I've never found a viable career outlet for my creativity... wait. that's not really true, let me say it this way: I wish that I could make a living creating art (better!). As a fine artist that's a pretty daunting task! I'm trying to pursue and connect with an e-audience instead of (or in addition to) the convention means of trying to get Galleries to represent my work or traveling the art show circuit (EXHAUSTING work!). This blog is a part of that process of building an audience and maybe even more-so, connecting with like-minded people. I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts... Please leave me a comment if there is something in particular you'd like me to write about... OH! and if you have blogs you think I might be interested in let me know. Thanks!


Rita Finn said...

Okay, so this is probably more comment than you were looking for, but as a "sold out" artist who is working in graphic design, I often feel as though I should feel guilty for not pursuing fine art in some exclusive way, starving and not paying my bills. I often get free advice from friends and family that someday I'll realize my bliss ... it's curious. Why is it that I really am okay with earning a living and treating my true love (painting) as more of a mistress? In our therapy-driven society, is it assumed that we should all be at odds with our choices? Granted, if I had a trust fund, I can garantee that I'd spend my days in front of canvases, but that doesn't mean I'm miserable. You know what I mean?

Darrin Maxwell said...

Rita, I know exactly what you mean. It's all about finding a balance (and that ensuing journey) that works best for you... I ran my own business for 7 years creating vinyl signs and graphics. I enjoyed the creative aspects of that business, but wasn't passionate about it and it ultimately ran it's course... Yeah, the trust fund thing would be nice... but until then we can pour ourselves out passionately to those who may be interested via social media (which you seem to be doing very well I might add!). Aren't we so fortunate to have the ability to access people through global networks who share our passions and interests right from the comfort of laptop or iPhone?! SCREW the galleries!!! haha (ok I don't totally mean that, but it seemed like what i should say next). have an amazing day... oh, and I'm so sorry for your recent loss. I'm sure Kermit must have been very special. take care.